What is primary health care?

Primary health care is the part of our health system that we use the most. It describes the services that health professionals provide outside of our hospitals.

Primary health care professionals can include GPs, practice and community nurses, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, optometrists, physiotherapists – to name a few.

What will Medicare Locals do?

Medicare Locals understand that people can find it difficult to navigate their way through Australia’s health system.

They will work with health care professionals to help consumers and community members improve their understanding of primary health care services. Medicare Locals will operate at a local level to support people to access the health information and services they need in their own community.

Working closely with general practice and all primary health providers, Medicare Locals will take a leading role in improving primary care services that meet the specific needs of their local communities.

Medicare Locals are not a ‘shop front’ for Medicare Australia, so are not the place to go for a Medicare rebate. They are a separate agency working behind the scenes to get the local health system right; to improve services for local communities.

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